Can You Pass This Sheffield Folklore Dialect Quiz?

Two young Sheffeild lads on tram having a conversation.

“If tha wants to tell’er, thee tell,’er, but doant get me involved.”

“Doant thee werry, ah’av plenty to say to’er bi missen, ah doant need thee.”

“Ar, we’av forgot about thee quiz, les gerr sta’ed.”

In Sheffield "Black o'er Bill's mother" refers to?
What does the word " Diddle " mean?
Dolly posh means.
What is a Donkey Stone?
If someone says, "I'm fli'in" (flitting) what does it mean?
The one who is Gormless is.
Half baked or "aif baked" in Sheffield refers to.
Hot Aches are.
Rammy is.
Last but not least. Who is called a "Snitch" in Sheffield?
Check Your Score.

Sheffield, a beautiful fusion of a city, town and the countryside.

Surrounded by the most mesmerising landscapes nature has to offer, the city does not only have a distinct culture but dialect as well.

This quiz is inspired by Mr David Battye. All credit goes to him.

If you want to learn more about Sheffield dialect and folklore, we recommend buying David Battye Sheffield Dialect Book by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Can You Pass This Sheffield Folklore Dialect Quiz?”

  1. Did you mean ‘flitting’? Never heard of ‘snitch’ meaning storyteller, it used to mean someone who ‘told on’ someone when A war a little lass :D. A storyteller was a fibber.

    • Yes, the word is ‘flitting’. But it’s the accent and dialect which is referred to in the question.

      The word ‘Snitch’ surprised me as well. I learnt it from Mr David Battye Sheffield Dialect book linked under the quiz.


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