Life In The UK Practise Test Quiz Number 17.

This Life in the UK practise test quiz consists of ten multiple-choice questions. Only one answer is right.

Please read all the questions carefully before answering.

Let’s get started. All the best.

What is the name of the system by which MPs are elected?
The Duke of Wellington was known as the Iron Duke:
What came after the Iron Age in Britain?
Which one of the following is a noteable British artist?
In the British Parliament all the acts are made in the name of:
Under the British law, a man can force his wife to have sex with him.
What was the population of Britain in 1600?
The Sikh place of worship is called:
Who is resposible for brining up of a child according to the British law?
What does the term 'Swinging Sixties' mean?
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