Life In The UK Pracise Test Quiz Number 14.

This Life in the UK practise test quiz consists of ten multiple-choice questions. Only one answer is right.

Please read all the questions carefully before answering.

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The Irish and Scottish bank notes are not accepted by businesses in England.
The period during which Charles II acceded the the throne is known as:
Which of the following film was directed by British film-maker David Lean?
In 1541 the Irish people invited Henry VIII to become King of Ireland.
What is National Eisteddfod of Wales?
Hereditary peers do not have an automatic right to attend the House of Lords:
The Scottish and Welsh parliaments are allowed to constitute their own civil and criminal laws:
Why did 1.5 million Irish people abandoned their country during the nineteenth century?
How often is a General Election held in UK?
The Church of England is called The Episcopal Church in Scotland:
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