Life In The UK Practise Test Quiz Number 13.

This Life in the UK practise test quiz consists of ten multiple-choice questions. Only one answer is right.

Please read all the questions carefully before answering.

Let’s get started. All the best.

Which of the these British actors have not won an Oscar award?
The name of the British plane which can take-off and land vertically was:
In British constitutional monarchy, the Queen appoints the government:
Which of these is NOT a criminal offence?
The first mordern tennis club in the world started in:
Under which circumstances the 1847 British law prohibited the children from working in factories?
What did the Iron Age Britains introduced firsrt to the world?
Income tax is usually not payable on:
Which of these countries is NOT a member of the European Union?
According to Life in the UK, which of the following is an important British character?
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