UK Slaps Non-EU Immigrants With Coronavirus Tax.

At these testing times when governments around the world are showing empathy and compassion towards fellow humans.

For example, Australia & South Korea who had announced free medical care for coronavirus victims regardless of their immigration status.

On the other hand, British governments had other Ideas.

The British government has taken this pandemic as an opportunity to extort more money from non-European Immigrants by implementing Coronavirus tax on them.

What Coronavirus Tax. What are you talking about Mr Shah. There is nothing on TV. Nothing on news. Did we miss something?

You see you guys missed it.

Do you remember that thing called IHS Immigration health surcharge? Yes, you do right?

Stay with me.

And you also remember coronavirus budget presented by our handsome chancellor who is being touted as Next PM of Britain.


In that budget where he announced billions of pounds worth of financial aid for British businesses & workers. He cleverly tucked in this coronavirus tax on non-European immigrants, which missed most of the mainstream media.

But where is that coronavirus tax and how much is it?

Coming back to Immigration health surcharge which I reminded uh of earlier. Which was £200 per year per person last January? It has been increased to £632 per year per person.

And that my friends are what I call coronavirus tax.

Where on earth does the happen an overnight increase of 350%?

As if home office fees were not extortionate enough already?


Is that a word? Well simply put whatever Non-EU immigrants earn in this country they give back to Brits in form of thousands of pounds in fees and health surcharge.

And then average Joe comes around and say ”Bloody immigrants bleeding our country dry.”

No dear Joe, we pay with our blood and sweat to earn a living in this country in the form of higher taxes, thousands of pounds in fees & skills immigrants bring with them.

Do you remember that #ClapForNHS?

Bear that in mind cause I will come back to it.

Now Imagine an immigrant nurse with a family of four working days and night in NHS looking after coronavirus victims. When it comes to renewing her visa to continue working in Britain for the next five years.

Guess how much Coronavirus tax would she have to pay?

Other than paying tens of thousands of pounds in extortionate home office fees she will also have to pay £12640/- in Immigration health surcharge aka coronavirus tax.

Some NHS immigrant workers have taken to Twitter to voice their concern against this blatant injustice.

And it’s not just the nurses. It’s the doctors the IT Guys, the International students and those in other jobs who wish to stay with their British families.

Clap on one hand and slap on the other. Interesting isn’t it?

Bear in mind these are those people who do not receive a single penny in help from the British government because of their immigration status.

And average Joe thinks to be a skilled immigrant in Britain is walk in the park.

Now here is the funny thing. I was talking to a couple of my friends on British immigration policy for skilled immigrants and students etc and here is what they said.

One of them said that

British immigration policy can easily be compared to that of Idi Amin the former president of Uganda except that he was upfront about his intentions and wasn’t a hypocrite. Whereas the British government’s modus operandi is to raise fee so high that no skilled immigrant can afford forcing them to leave the UK. So basically carrying the same policy as Idi Amin but in a humane way.”

The other said”

It’s kind of modern slavery. If you want to live in the UK you will have to pay every penny to the British government including maximising your credit cards for at least 10 years before you are given any type of ornament residence.”

So what do I think of this coronavirus tax?

Well, I think we should all pay our fair share of fees Immigration health surcharge etc in order to contribute to the well being of the United Kingdom. But these fees and charges should be humane and shouldn’t amount to extortion.

Therefore I beg mercy from the honourable home secretary Priti Patel & honourable chancellor Mr Rishi Sunak to make these fees humane especially in these hard circumstances where a lot of immigrants have lost their jobs.

Not that I expect any mercy but……

let’s hope sanity prevails.

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Thanks and I love you.

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